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Create songs from your Android device


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PocketBand is a music creation tool that will allow you to use your Android device to create your own songs and even publish them and share them with the other members of the community.

The app has a ton of features to help you create your own songs, including a sequencer that is based on 12 channel loops (which allow you to apply dozens of different effects), a sound recorder (including a noise-reduction tool), a polyphonic synthesizer (with more than 120 available instruments), drums with 35 different kits (each with 17 components), a modulator with tons of filters, and much, much more.

However, leaving aside the almost endless options that you can use to create music, the best thing about the app is the ability to access the community to listen to and remix other users' songs, as well as to share your own songs in order to get feedback from the community.

PocketBand is a very complete app that will keep music fans entertained and having fun for hours. The version that you can download here, which is the LITE version, has fewer features than the complete version, but it still gives you a very good idea of what the complete program is like.